Join our parish ministries


DUE to COVID-19 there are NO ministry meetings until further notice.
DEBIDO a COVID-19 NO HAY reuniones ministeriales hasta nuevo aviso.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament – Adoración al Santísimo Sacramento

  • Chapel / Capilla
  • Every Thursday/ Cada Jueves: 8:30 am - 6:45 pm

Altar Society

Become a member of the Altar Society.

  • Richard and Linda Klos
  • (831) 633-2312

Bread Pickup

Volunteers are needed for bread pickup.

  • 831-521-0993 or 831-633-4015

El Sembrador Ministries

  • Our Lady of Refuge Catholic Church
  • Meets the first Saturday of every month starting with the Mass at 7 pm

Encuentro Matrimonial - Marriage Encounter

Please call coordinator for English Services.

  • Salon C de 7-9 pm cada Viernes.

Escuela de Evangelizacion

  • Our Lady of Refuge Catholic Church
  • Meets Thursday’s at 7pm

Estudio Biblico

Please see bulletin for updates.

  • Iglesia y Capilla
  • Lunes a las 7 Pm

Forever 7 Dance Ministry

  • Berenice Estrada
  • (831) 254-0253

Grupo de Oración


  • Capilla de la Parroquia
  • Miércoles a las 7 p.m. en la capilla


It's a wonderful time to come together as Christ's church & fellowship with our brothers less fortunate than us. So bring a dish to share & enjoy the time we have together.

  • Lisa Brom
  • (831) 682-0126
  • Every 3rd & 4th Tuesday of the month


Are you interested in serving as a Eucharistic Minister, Lector/Commentator, Altar Server, or an Usher?

  • Sister Suchita Xalxo
  • 831 633 4015 X 114
  • Our Lady of Refuge Catholic Church


Like to sing or play an instrument? Become a parish Musician.

  • Ivonne Castillo
  • 831 633 4015 X 118

Sociedad de las Martas

  • Our Lady of Refuge Catholic Church
  • Friday mornings (9am join us to clean the church and eat)

Youth Group

  • In the youth room (Below Chapel)
  • Every other Thursday 7-9pm